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…the best brain-based therapy to help you heal your trauma

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…how to develop new strategies to support clients in your practice

You deserve excellence.

Therapy clients deserve excellence in treatment so they can live their best lives.

Therapists deserve to achieve clinical excellence using the most effective treatment modalities.

Whether you’re someone looking for brain-based therapy or a therapist who wants to learn more about EMDR-informed clinical reasoning, you’re in the right place.

No one should live with...

anxiety | depression | dissociation | phobias | addiction | post-traumatic stress

There’s a better way, and it doesn’t require years of revisiting traumas through talk therapy. 

My passion is utilizing the powerful benefits of EMDR and Brainspotting with clients who are ready to live without these challenges. Not only have I led more than 10,000 EMDR sessions, but I also train other EMDR clinicians about best practices in the field through case consultation, online trainings, and my podcast and YouTube channel. The Zero Disturbance podcast is a fantastic resource for those co-creating effective therapeutic experiences.

I support clients in California in three formats:

Adjunct intensive therapy

Intensives (personalized treatment programs for individuals)

Parent Support Programs 

In addition to two master’s degrees in psychology and education, I have extensively trained in advanced methods for both relational complex trauma and attachment-focused EMDR.

After teaching and leading research at Vanderbilt University and Stanford University School of Medicine for 20 years, the evidence-based approach and standard of excellence that I’ve always practiced is paramount in supporting you.


Kambria’s Bio

With a Masters in Education from Vanderbilt, Kambria has been creating trainings and teaching adult learners for over 20 years. As the Director of Education and Quality Improvement at Stanford Medical School, she created ease in complex systems, thereby giving medical trainees successful learning experiences. Now, as a dedicated mom, therapist, and EMDR Consultant, Kambria knows what it means to do things efficiently, effectively, and in a learner-centered way. When she isn't podcasting or creating online courses, you can find Kambria playing with her twins on a beach in California.

If you are not in California, you may fly in to work with me.